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South LA Outcomes

In 2010, The Endowment will launch Building Healthy Communities, a 10-year strategic plan designed to improve health systems and the physical, social, economic and service structures that support healthy living and healthy behaviors in California.

Four goals will guide our work:
  • Health systems are family centered and prioritize prevention.
  • Schools anchor communities, promote healthy behaviors and are a gateway for  resources and services.
  • Human services systems are family centered, prioritize prevention and promote  opportunities for children, young adults and their families.
  • Physical, social and economic environments in local communities support health.
These goals are informed by the fact that health problems are intrinsically linked to poverty, employment, education,child development, housing, the environment and other issues.

Outcomes for BHC South LA

The Planning Committee decided to have community responses be the primary driver of the SLABHC‘s outcome prioritization. Initially, we struggled with the idea of ―surveying‖ communities that have been over-surveyed, and then limiting the content to the ten outcomes prescribed by The California Endowment. As a result of this struggle, the decision was made to use a combination of polling and focus groups to identify the top four or five outcomes. These outcomes would, in turn, inform and guide the remainder of the planning process.


The polling and focus groups were conducted over a four week period between January 26, 2010 and February 17, 2010. Over 3,300 residents were polled and participated in the focus groups. The poll was conducted in both English and Spanish and consisted of ten open-ended and multiple-choice questions. Respondents were asked to rank the top five outcomes they felt represented the most urgent needs in the community. Polling methods included door-to-door outreach and phone interviews, and the pollsters were representative of the community—often community residents and bilingual.


The following four Outcomes emerged from these polls:


  • Outcome #1: All Children Have Health Coverage
  • Outcome #2: Families Have Improved Access to a Health Home That Supports Healthy Behaviors
  • Outcome #4: Residents Live in Communities with Health-Promoting Land-Use, Transportation and Community Development
  • Outcome # 5: Children and their Families Are Safe from Violence in their Homes and Neighborhoods


Workgroups were organized around the outcomes, drawing participation from PC member organizations, their constituencies, community members, systems leaders, and other community based organizations. The workgroups met over four half-day Saturdays between January and May 2010 to develop the Targeted Changes and Strategies. In these meetings, it was determined that Outcome 8 should be added because it is very closely aligned to the residents’ strong focus on job creation and training.


  • Outcome # 8: Community Health Improvements Are Linked to Economic Development

Julio Zaldivar,
Jul 27, 2012, 1:37 PM