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South LA Community

South Figueroa Corridor Overview


South Los Angeles faces some of the most daunting challenges of any community in the state. Nearly 4 in 10 households live below the Federal Poverty Level; unemployment is at 17 percent, well above the state level; substandard housing conditions with unresponsive slumlords; six in 10 adults 25 and older lack a high school diploma; underperforming schools; an embedded gang presence and high rates of violence and drug dealing; an inadequate health care safety-net infrastructure to help stem the rising tide of health disparities, including disturbingly high rates of lead poisoning among children; and inadequate access to healthy foods, including fruits and vegetables due to a lack of full-service grocery stores.


Despite this, community leaders and community-based organizations are engaging residents to tackle these issues that contribute to the overall health of their community. In addition, a number of the area's local elected officials are working with the community to help ameliorate the social, economic and health equity issues that serve as barriers to the health of the communities within this region of Los Angeles.


Furthermore, there are also efforts to engage youth in improving their communities which have resulted in changes for the better within some of the neighborhoods in this region. But much more work needs to be done as the historical level of disinvestment by business and others in this region of Los Angeles has taken its toll on these communities.


The California Endowment will focus within sections of the South Los Angeles neighborhoods located in the South Figueroa Corridor/Vermont-Manchester areas. Each have demonstrated a commitment to improving community health and The Endowment looks forward to partnering with them to build healthy communities where children are healthy, safe and ready to learn.

Elected Leadership

Mayor: Antonio Villaraigosa

City Council:
Bernard Parks, 8th District
Jan Perry, 9th District
Herb Wesson, 10th District

County Supervisors:
Mark Ridley-Thomas, District 2
Gloria Molina, District 1

State Senate:
Curren Price, 26th District
Kevin De Leon, 22nd District

State Assembly:
Isadore Hall, 52nd District
John Perez, 46th District
Mike Davis, 48th District

U.S. Senators:
Dianne Feinstein (D)
Barbara Boxer (D)

U.S. Representatives: 

Xavier Becerra, 31st District
Karen Bass, 33rd District
Maxine Waters, 35th District