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S.Kern BHC Steering Committee


The Steering Committee is made up of 15 members who are representatives of specific constituencies in the communities of Arvin, Lamont, Weedpatch, and the unincorporated areas of Greenfield. These elected representatives are responsible for reporting to, and bringing information and perspectives from their constituencies, as well as representing and stewarding their voice and interests in the oversight of the HUB.

The membership of the Steering Committee is made up of:

  • Residents and Youth – One adult and one youth resident from each of the four communities.
  • Businesses and Systems Representatives – One representative of a business or business group, and one representative of an organization that is from each of the following systems: Health, Education, Social Services, Physical Environment and Social Environment.
  • Applicant Agency – One representative of the agency who is the actual grantee for the HUB work.

The Steering Committee meets every other month in order to: provide general direction and oversight to the work of the HUB staff members; ensure that the HUB structures (Steering Committee, Central Table and Action Teams) are meeting the needs of the community and providing necessary support to allow the work to happen; identify and provide supports that are necessary for the participants or plan implementation; providing a clear process for the community to have input on or update the Action Plan as needed; and provide a central, visible point of contact and consistency for the community to bring issues and needs to.

Current Members

Community Resident Representatives:

Arvin Representative: Cecilia Augilar
Arvin Youth Representative: Desiree Gomez
Greenfield Representative: Esther Stenger
Greenfield Youth Representative: José Pinto
Lamont Representative: Minerva Contreras
Lamont Youth Representative: Itzel Sanchez
Weedpatch Representative: Virginia Melchor
Weedpatch Youth Representative: Dulce Figueroa

Systems Sector Representatives:

Health: KCDPHS – Call to Action
Human Services: Clinica Sierra Vista – AFS
Education: Arvin
Social Environment: Greenfield Walking Group
Physical Environment: Center on Race, Poverty, and the Environment

Business Representative: Greater Lamont Chamber of Commerce

Applicant Agency: California State University, Bakersfield

S. Kern Partners




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