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South Kern Hub

South Kern BHC Hub
 What is the “HUB”?
The HUB is the central framework for Building Healthy Communities South Kern (BHC-SK). Established to    provide structures, staffing, and to support the work of the Action Plan created by community residents,    the HUB ensures that our partners and their work align with the Action Plan so that we can make a bigger, more focused impact.
Our Staff
  • Jennifer Wood-Slayton, HUB Manager, is directly responsible to the Steering Committee and acts as their designee for providing day-to-day leadership and management of the HUB.
  • Angel Munoz, HUB Coordinator, reports to the HUB Manager and provides support for the structures and support systems of the HUB including logistics and planning, support with coordination of projects or structures, and general assistance with management of the HUB to the HUB Manager.
  • Myra Magana Delgado, HUB Program Specialist, is the clerical and administrative support to the HUB and HUB staff.
  • Diana Mireles, HUB Program Assistant, is the clerical and adminstrative support to the HUB and HUB staff.
  • Transforming Local Communities, Inc., Evaluation Learning Specialists, work with the Staff, Action Teams, and Steering Committee to identify measurable goals set for BHC-SK. They also work with the Action Teams and Staff to refine strategies to create concrete and measurable changes.
  • Stephanie Brooks-Pickering, Communications Coordinator, works to help create a common understanding of the shared vision and goals we have, as well as an awareness of the work and successes of the BHC partners both within the community, as well as externally.
  • Annalisa Robles, Program Officer at The California Endowment (Non-voting)



    Alberto Mercado, Hub Coordinator/CalConnect Guru
    Asian Resources

    Email: alberto@asianresources.org
    Phone: 555.1212
    Fax: 555.1211

    Kim Williams, Hub Manager
    Asian Resources

    Email: kim@asianresources.org
    Phone: 555.1233
    Fax: 555.1223
    Christine Tien, Program Manager
    The California Endowment

    Email: ctien@calendow.org
    Phone: 222.1212

    Sacramento Hub Structure

    The California Endowment
    - Christine Tien, Program Manager TCE South Sacramento

    Host Agency
    - Asian Resources Inc.  www.asianresources.org

    Hub Staff

    • Kim Williams, Hub Director- email contact kim@sacbhc.org
    • Alberto Mercado, Project/Media Coordinator- email contact alberto@sacbhc.org
    • Hub Evaluation Contractor (LPC Consulting)

    BHC Steering Committee
    (Decision Making Body)

    Composed of community members; stakeholders; city representatives; county representatives; CBO’s and youth.

    • Outreach Small Group
    • Communications Small Group
    • Ambassadors Small Group
    • Youth Advisory Group

    Grants Committee

    BHC Mini-Grantees

    TCE Grantees for BHC Sacramento (Work on Outcomes 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10)
    • Health Access Work Group
    • Healthy Food Access Work Group
    • Land Use Work Group
    • Economic Development Work Group
    • Youth Development Work Group
    • Sustainability Committee
    • The HUB-Community BHC Sacramento Target Area

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