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Healthy Richmond Vision

Healthy Richmond is a community that is economically viable and sustainable, physically designed to promote healthy eating and active living, culturally vibrant, and connected across generations.  Social support and vital services flow through a seamless network of neighborhood institutions and agencies. Community members are engaged and see their priorities reflected in all aspects of the community - environment, governance, schools, cultural life, and business development.

The purpose of Healthy Richmond is to create a place where all children are safe, healthy, and ready to learn. Healthy Richmond is designed to improve the health and safety of our whole community, but there are six neighborhoods that are the primary areas of focus: Belding Woods, Coronado, Iron Triangle, North Richmond, Pullman, and Santa Fe.

In order to create a place that's good for children, we will also be working to create a place that's better for all of us. For example, we've chosen four smaller goals as the focus of the project's work in the first few years:
  • To ensure that families have “health homes” where they can get services to support healthy behaviors;
  • To ensure children and their families are safe from violence;
  • To ensure that neighborhoods and schools support health and healthy behaviors;
  • To ensure that community health improvements are linked to economic development.
To achieve these goals over the next 10 years, residents, community leaders and others in Richmond will work together to enhance our local systems and policies, improve our services and resources, and foster our ability to work effectively as a positive community.

Today, the Healthy Richmond project is moving from planning into implementation. The 10-year implementation process is being managed by The Healthy Richmond Hub. The Hub will be staffed by a Hub Manager, additional hub staff, and will be supervised by a group of community volunteers called the Healthy Richmond Hub Steering Committee. The host of the hub is a partnership of Bay Area Local Initiatives Support Corporation (Bay Area LISC), the Community Housing Development Corporation (CHDC). The Hub works in partnership with Healthy Richmond's Youth Organizing Hub (YO Hub), operated through the RYSE Center.

The Hub Steering Committee will be the lead entity for the Hub, will make decisions for the project, and will be responsible for reviewing and updating the logic model every year. Read more about the Steering Committee here.


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