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SAC BHC Community

The southern neighborhoods of Sacramento include those that were among the first
annexations to the city in the first half of the 20th Century. This region consists of roughly 18 small neighborhoods located in both incorporated and unincorporated areas. This historical area is home to roughly 90,000 residents and a Lemon Hill Community Profile completed a few years ago highlighted some of this community's challenges.

Ranked as the third lowest of 51 Sacramento County zip codes in per capita income,
nearly half of all families qualify for Medi-Cal compared to one in five countywide. Nearly 4 in ten adults over the age of 25 lack a high school diploma compared to one in five countywide, and nearly nine in ten students participated in the Free and Reduced Price meals program. Regardless of these challenges, this community has a number of assets poised to make substantive improvements to the health of this region.

In addition to engaged and supportive local and statewide elected officials representing the region, there are number of grassroots advocacy organizations working to address the social, economic and health inequities that exist within this community. In addition, there are a number of culturally-sensitive community-based organizations
serving the diverse communities within this region. Combined, these assets will be critical to transforming these neighborhoods into healthy communities. The California Endowment recognizes both the needs and the potential of this region. Though the challenges may appear daunting, this community has a strong desire for change and The California Endowment is pleased to support their efforts.


South Sacramento is home to roughly 90,000 residents, spread across 18 small neighborhoods located in both incorporated and unincorporated areas of this historic region.

Mayor: Kevin Johnson

City Council:
Jay Schenirer, 5th District
Kevin McCarty, 6th District

County Supervisors:
Phil Serna, 1st District
Jimmie Yee, 2nd District
Governor: Jerry Brown (D)

State Senate: Darrell Steinberg (D-6)

State Assembly:
Roger Dickinson (D-9)
Alyson Huber (D-10)

U.S. Senators:
Dianne Feinstein (D)
Barbara Boxer (D)

U.S. Representatives:
Doris Matsui (D-5)