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Sacramento BHC Presents: Hub Mini-Grant Sponsorship Event Application

posted Oct 25, 2013, 10:58 AM by Alberto Mercado
Sacramento Building Healthy Communities Present: Hub Mini-Grant Sponsorship Event Application.
Sacramento BHC continues to support our local community organizations/ groups that might want to hold an event and are in need of funds can now apply to receive sponsorship from the Hub.
Please submit the application that is attached below and also make sure you read the eligibility/criteria to see if you can apply.
Organizations/Groups located within the targeted area such as: youth groups, school clubs, after-school clubs,
sports/athletic groups, neighborhood associations, civic engagement groups, faith-based organizations, resident councils
and business associations are eligible to apply for the Sac BHC-Hub Mini-Grant Sponsorship.
Sac BHC Mission Statement:
Sacramento Building Healthy Communities (Sac BHC) is one of 14 communities across the state that is taking action to make where we live a healthier place. We are doing this by improving employment opportunities, education, housing, neighborhood safety, unhealthy environmental conditions, access to healthy foods and more. The goal is to create places where children are healthy, safe and ready to learn.
To find out more about Sac BHC check out our website www.sacbhc.org
Alberto Mercado,
Oct 25, 2013, 10:58 AM