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SAC BHC Partners

Sacramento BHC Steering Committee

The purpose of the Sacramento Building Healthy Communities Steering Committee is to develop a comprehensive plan for improving 10 health outcomes based on the review of information on community health assets and needs, through a nine-month collaborative process; and identify priorities for primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention that will lay the foundation for the 10-year place-based initiative to be funded by The California Endowment.

Sacramento ACT

The mission of Sacramento ACT is to empower every day people to create a more just community. ACT was founded in 1991 and now represents 40,000+ people through 40 member institutions, including congregations, schools, and neighborhood groups. ACT is a grassroots, multi-ethnic, multi-faith, civic organization that engages people from all walks of life in our proven model of community organizing to tackle pervasive social problems. Click here to see website for more information.

Asian Resources Inc.

Asian Resources, Inc. (ARI) is a non-profit community based organization established in 1980 dedicated to providing multiple social services needed in our community, empowering everyone we serve to become a vital part of our changing, diverse society. Click here to see website for more information.

Pesticide-Free Sacramento

The mission of Pesticide-Free Sacramento is to reduce, and ultimately eliminate, the use of pesticides in the Sacramento region, while promoting healthy alternatives. We are working to reduce the use of pesticides in four key areas--schools, parks, neighborhoods and workplaces. Please join and learn how you can help make Sacramento pesticide-free! Click here to see website for more information.

Ubuntu Green

Ubuntu Green, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, committed to promoting healthy, sustainable communities through advocacy, education, and community empowerment by using the principles and philosophies of the green movement. 
Click here to see website for more information.