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East Oakland BHC Hub

 East Oakland, with a population of more than 90,000, is soon to be the second "gateway" into the Bay Area because of the "transit-oriented development" underway that is anticipated to help fuel job growth for the community. With unemployment levels significantly higher than the statewide average and nearly one in four families living below the Federal Poverty Level, economic development is key to this community's success. 

Although fighting the psychological, physical and social impacts of poverty, drugs and violence in this community has been challenging, East Oakland has many strengths with which to overcome these challenges. East Oakland also has its share of environmental issues, particularly along the Oakland Industrial Corridor Area along the 880 freeway. But with its growing base of youth health and human service providers, strong Faith-based institutions, growing violence prevention efforts, and a committed City and County Health and Human Services leadership, East Oakland has the potential rise above its past history of disinvestment. 

Support for youth services is strong in East Oakland. Measures Y and K are a stable source of revenue for support services for youth, generating approximately $17 million per year in much needed funding for youth support services. In addition, a few foundations have made significant investments in youth development programs. 

Change is essential to this community's success. The California Endowment recognizes the potential of East Oakland and seeks to make a big impact in its effort to transform it into a healthy community.