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Our Community

The EOBHC leadership structures are designed to serve two complementary, yet separate roles. The structure includes a coalition that ensures sustainability and accountability, while simultaneously attending to the administrative infrastructure required for the successful implementation of East Oakland’s 10-year plan. The leadership structure includesthe Steering Committee, Core, Hub Host and Hub Staff.  When these four structures are combined with other East Oakland stakeholders, the “Hub” comes into being.

Steering Committee:

  • Comprised of 15-members with representation from East Oakland residents, EOBHC grantees, and policy and public sector organizations serving East Oakland
  • Serves as the EOBHC decision-making body
  • Ensures adherence EOBHC 10-year plan
  • Defines evaluation activities


  • Comprised of four Steering Committee members
  • Provides additional support for accountability
  • Guide communications and community engagement plans
  • Makes decisions on behalf of the Steering Committee as needed

Hub Host

  • Fiscal administrator for the Host grant
  • Houses and employs EOBHC Hub staff
  • Acts as primary liaison with TCE
  • Has a designated seat on the Steering Committee and Core
  • Host activities are informed by a grant agreement with TCE and a MOU with the EOBHC Steering Committee

Hub Staff

  • Convene East Oakland stakeholder toward the implementation of the 10-year plan
  • Staff EOBHC leadership bodies
  • Ensures implementation of Steering Committee workplan


  • Open for all existing East Oakland stakeholders
  • Integrates community voice and participation into EOBHC processes
  • Informs evaluation activities, reinforces accountability, supports adherence to East Oakland’s 10-year plan