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East Salinas Hub

East Salinas BHC Hub

Building Healthy Communities (BHC) is a vision for a community effort seeking to achieve 10 positive results at each of the 14 sites. A key lesson learned from previous community change plans showed the importance of creating a HUB, a group of individuals who come together to guide the effort throughout the initiative.

The HUB will be inclusive in order to make the vision a reality –open to a diversity of race/ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, language, and immigrant or economic status. It will use differences in traditions, ideas, beliefs, needs and expectations as a resource for improving the community. It will also support the empowerment of individuals who participate, build relationships and help create a big-picture of the community's future. They must make sure the stakeholders are committed to the change and actions indicated in the community's plan. For more information read here.



Manuel Valdez, Project Assistant

Phone: 831.717.1384
Fax: 831.975.4768

Andrea Manzo, Project Coordinator

Email: AndreaBHC@actioncouncil.org
Phone: 831.717.1384
Fax: 831.975.4768

Carmen Gil, Hub Manager

Email: CarmenBHC@actioncouncil.org
Phone: 831.717.1384
Fax: 831.975.4768

Lauren Padilla-Valverde, Program Manager
The California Endowment

Email: lvalverde@calendow.org
Phone: 510.271.4314

Hub Structure

The California Endowment
- Lauren Padilla-Valverde, Program Manager TCE

Host Agency
 Action Council of Monterey County www.actioncouncil.org

Hub Staff


East Salinas BHC Coordinating Council 

The Coordinating Council's mission is to serve as a bridge, and support body for the implementation of the community plan to create a safe, productive, and healthy community through collaboration, and advocacy - with partnerhips created through the BHC - East Salinas' community-driven initiative.

Composed of community members; stakeholders; city representatives; county representatives; CBO's and youth (60% residents and 40% stakeholders).

Alan Stumpf, Aurelio Salazar, Jr., Berna Maya, Bryan Perez, Camilo Vega, Carissa Purnell, Francine Rodd, Gary Peterson, Joel Hernandez, Jorge Salazar, Krista Hanni, Maria Molinero, Noemi Mandujano, Rosemary Soto, Ruben Urzua, Jr. and Yahaira Medrano.


Momentum Teams

  • Education
  • Health and Healing
  • Restorative Justice
  • Food Justice
  • Joint/Land Use


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