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E. Coachella BHC Hub

Eastern Coachella Valley Building Healthy Communities (BHC) encompasses many diverse communities in the Eastern Coachella Valley area, working to meet each other and change the way we live-for the better.
The Hub is the "central table" where community members and stakeholders come together to chare decision-making and guide the effors of the Eastern Coachella Valley.
The Hub is inclusive of all members living in the targeted area. The hub values differences in cultures, traditions,ideas, beliefs and expectations, and view these differences as a resource for improving communities.
A key part of the Hubs role is to support the empowerment and engagement of individuals  who participate, build relationships, and help to create a big-picture outlook on the future.

Trinidad Arredondo, Hub Coordinator/BHC Connect Guru

Email: trinidad@regionalaccessproject.org
Phone: 760-771-7701
Fax: 760.674.9923


Elizabeth Toledo, Hub Manager
Regional Access Project Foundation

Phone: 760-578-9605
Fax: 760.674.9923

Esperanza Navarro, Youth Coordinator
Regional Access Project Foundation

Phone: 760-574.0736
Fax: 760.674.9923
Margarita Luna, Program Manager
The California Endowment

Email: mluna@calendow.org
Phone: 760.972.4628

Eastern Coachella ValleyHub Structure

The California Endowment
- Margarita Luna , Program Manager Eastern Coachella Valley

Host Agency
- Regional Access Project Foundation  www.regionalaccessproject.org

Hub Staff

  • Elizabeth Toledo, Hub Manager
  • Trinidad Arredondo, Project/Media Coordinator
  • Esperanza Navarro, Youth Coordinator
  • Hub Evaluation Contractor (JDL Consulting)

BHC Steering Committee
(Decision Making Body)

Composed of community members; stakeholders; city representatives; county representatives; CBO’s and youth.

  • Grants Committee

    BHC Mini-Grantees

    TCE Grantees for BHC Eastern Coachella Valley (Work on Outcomes 4,6.7 and 10)
    • Mobility Taskforce
    • Healthy Food Access Work Group
    • Environmental Justice Coalition
    • Youth Development Work Group
    • The HUB-Community BHC Eastern Coachell ValleyTarget Area

    BHC Steering Committee-serves as the lead entity for the Hub. Steering Committee Members serves as the "keeper of the plan" will be responsible for formally reviewing the logic model/community plan annually to ensure that resource allocation is accurately reflecting community's needs.

    General Collaborative (General Membership)-brings together local stakeholders to establish a space for community conversations meant to foster relationship building, ongoing education and coordination of activities.  Given the ECV Geography and lack of public transportation, meetings will be alternated within the BHC area.

    Resident Momentum- Teams-provide residents(adults and youth) a welcoming space in their community to discuss, understand prioritize  local issues affecting  their community.  Resident Momentum Teams are facilitated by residents serving on the Steering Committee to ensure that residents  voice continues  to guide resource allocation in the Hub.

    Youth Council- provides youth an opportunity to discuss, understand and prioritize local issues affecting their community.  The Youth Council will be comprised of youth representatives from youth-serving organizations and youth at-large.  The Youth council will establish its bylaws and governance structure.

    Central Table- convenes all Work Groups (Organizing, Youth Development, and Food Access) in a central location.  Work Groups work to coordinate activities  and report to one another to increase coordination of BHC strategies as many of the partners are working across BHC prioritized outcomes.  The Work Groups  are guided by the logic model and subject to change in response to community needs.  The Central Table will work across all groups and will ensure  that residents, youth and agency/systems leaders are collaborating to in order  to develop strategies  for collective work  at all levels: neighborhood, regional, state and national.

    Hub Host Team- staff dedicated to supporting  the work of the Building Healthy Commuities Eastern Coachella Valley including communication, facilitation, research and evaluation, logistical support and technical assistance.

    Julio Zaldivar,
    May 25, 2012, 1:41 PM