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ECV Partners

E. Coachella Valley BHC Steering Committee

The purpose of the E. Coachella Building Healthy Communities Steering Committee is to develop a comprehensive plan for improving 10 health outcomes based on the review of information on community health assets and needs, through a nine-month collaborative process; and identify priorities for primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention that will lay the foundation for the 10-year place-based initiative to be funded by The California Endowment.

California Rural Legal Assistance, Inc
Our work under BHC outcomes and BHC funding is multifaceted, using legal education, leadership building, capacity-building, outreach, and litigation to support Outcome 4s attention to land-use and development and its impact on community health.
CRLA will partner with the Center of Race, Poverty, and the environment (Delano)to develop educational materials to help community members understand land use policies, how they affect a communities’ health and how they can be involved in the development of decisions that impact or interest them, like housing development, business development , parks, infrastructure, and more.
City of Coachella
The City of Coachella is in the process of updating the General Plan for the City. The General  Plan is a statement of community priorities and values developed to guide public decision-making for future growth and development within the City.
The City of Coachella Community Health and Wellness Element with be a comprehensive examination of health conditions in Coachella identify policies that help promote healthy lifestyles and active living for residents within the City, as part of the General Plan.
The City of Coachella is partnering with a consultant, Rami and Associates, to prepare the Health element  The Riverside County Health Department will provide technical support of this work, and community agencies (CRLA & ICUC) will support our efforts to get community residents involved.
Coachella Valley Unified School District
A CVUSD Parent Resource Center team will visit model Parent/Family Resources Centers and school sites with effective Parent Involvement Programs throughout California. We intend to learn each site’s best practices for parent involvement. This team is composed of parents, school, principals, teachers and administrator.
Food in Need of Distribution (FIND) Food Bank, Inc.
Find Food Bank will be working in the community to increase awareness of the CalFresh Program, bring assistance to the application process to those that qualify and aid them in determining other programs that will help them.
We will br partnering with Certified Farmer’s Market, community based agencies, schools and food distribution centers, among others.
Health Assessment Resource Center
HARC will be disseminating the results of the 2010 health needs assessment by developing partnerships with media, universities, elected officials, community based agencies and other stakeholders; training stakeholders through webinars on the use of the data in policy development, program planning, and advocacy; and develop non-traditional means for disseminating the 2010 survey data through the use of popular education methods and social media.
Hidden Harvest
Hidden Harvest provides free and healthy produce to agencies serving the poor in the Coachella Valley.  Our planning grant will give us the opportunity to explore, develop and launch a small farmers’ cooperative in the Eastern Coachella Valley.
Inland Congregations United for Change (I.C.U.C)
In the East Valley we are working with our two member congregations—Our Lady of Soledad Church, Our lady of Guadalupe, as well as Duroville mobile home community.
Community leaders working with our local government on issues of Housing, Air quality, Land use, transportation, Parks, Food and Schools. Through the process of organizing we are listening to people affected and uncovering leaders, investing in training for adult & youth and have started a youth component to our work by creating a regional committee.
Inland Coalition
The Inland Coalition Advancing Diversity and Education in the Health Professions (Inland Coaltion) will be implementing a youth health policy initiative (YHPI). (YHPI will prepare youth to create positive change on health issues which they feel passionate about. The YHPI will provide the framework and points of engagement for youth to develop the leadership and policy/advocacy skills that will be needed to make lasting, meaningful change in the ECV and the Inland Empire.
YHPI will partner with Loma Linda University, Coachella Valley USD, local elected officials, system leaders and various community based agencies-particularly youth development organizations.
Lideres Campesinas
Lideres Campesinas will be conducting a community led research, organizing and advocacy project focused on transportation issues in underserved communities in the Eastern Coachella Valley. Recruited members will be trained on the Lideres Campesinas’ policy model and utilize other trainings, to develop staff and members’ ability to understand and work on health and equity issues.
Our project consultants include individuals from Cultivo Consulting, Applied Research Center on Race Poverty and the Environment and partners in the ECVBHC Hub Collaborative
Palm Springs Cultural Arts Center
Opening a culturally relevant Certified Farmers’ Market (CFM) in the City of Coachella, In September 2011.
We are partnering with the City of Coachella, Kaiser Permanente, Hidden Harvest, FIND Food bank and HealNet, and hope to forge partnerships and cooperation with many other local agencies such as: Coachella Valley USD, WIC, Family Resource Centers, Chambers of Commerce, Boys and Girls Club, Riv Co Dept of Public Health, community clinics in the area, as well as others to ensure the CFM is implemented and offers a wide variety of engaging activities and services for community residents.

Riverside County Department of Public Health
Providing capacity building and technical assistance for cities to develop and implement land-use and transportation policies that improve environmental health and environmental justice issues in Riverside County.
We will be partnering  with the City of Coachella, CRLA and ICUC.  The main objective will be to support the City of Coachella’s efforts to develop a Community Health and Wellness Element for it’s General Plan Update.  Additionally we will work with all of the cities in Riverside County to promote land use and transportation policies that improve health of the residents of the County.
The Youth Driven Participatory Action Research Project will engage youth from communities in the BHC Boundaries to research the availability of youth development services, recreation, cultural and arts programs in the Eastern Coachella Valley. The youth will be responsible for data gathering, data reporting, and development services and programs.
Raices will partner with a consultant to provide training and support for the Participatory Action Research Model. Raices will also partner with other youth serving organizations to recruit engage youth researchers.