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ECV Outcomes

What is Building Health Communities
The Eastern Coachella Valley-City of Coachella and communities of Mecca, Thermal and North Shore have been chosen by the California Endowment to make a decade- long prevention-driven investment  called Building Healthy Communities (BHC) initiative -to create places where children and youth are health safe and ready to learn.
Building Health Communities is the California Endowment's 10-year, multi million dollar strategic plan to improve health in 14 underserved, geographically and ethnically diverse communities throughout California.
Youth and adult residents, leaders, organizations, schools, business, health care, law enforcement and other sectors are working togetherin BHC Communities-somethingthat hasn't happen before-to take a hollistic approach to improve both community and individual health.
Over the next ten years, each community will working toward achieving 10 goals or outcomes developed by The California Endowment as ingridients for community health.
During the year-long planning process that in started in 2009, youth, adult, residents and systems leaders came together as a collaborative and heal regular meetings to develop  a BHC plan that prioritized these 10 outcomes which will shape how BHC funds are allocated.
The Building Healthy Communities Eastern Coachella Valley Collaborative selected the following outcomes as priorities the would work  on over the next three years:
BHC Outcomes for BHC East Coachella Valley
• [Outcome 4] Residents Live in communities with Health Promoting Land Use.  
• [Outcome 6] Communities support Healthy Youth Development  
• [Outcome ] 7 Neighborhood and school environment support improved health and healthy behaviors. 

10) California has a shared vision of community health. This goal is about changing social norms. It requires a shared awareness of all the factors that contribute to health, a focus on prevention and a movement of people who advocate for health. This new awareness leads to changes in laws, policies and practices that improve not only the health of individual communities, but all Californians.

Julio Zaldivar,
May 25, 2012, 11:59 PM