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City Heights Hub - Mid-City CAN

City Heights BHC Hub

Building Healthy Communities (BHC) is a bold vision for community members to
achieve 10 positive results at our 14 sites. A key lesson from other community change plans is that it is important to create a central Hub. This is a group of individuals who come together to share decision-making and guide the effort at each site throughout the BHC initiative.

The Hub is expected to be inclusive –– open to a diversity of race/ethnicity, age,
gender, sexual orientation, language, and immigrant or economic status. It is also
expected to help individuals to exercise their own power, build relationships, and help
to create a big-picture view of the place’s future. Different traditions, ideas, beliefs,
needs and expectations, will be seen as ways to understand individual communities
and improve them. The Hub will work to make sure that the stakeholders – those with the biggest interest in the community plan’s success – are committed to the vision and actions developed.

Diana Ross, Collaborative Director
Mid-City CAN

Email: dross@midcitycan.org
Phone: (619) 283-9624 x 218




Emily Serafy Cox, Community Organizer
Mid-City CAN

Email: eserafycox@midcitycan.org
Phone: (619) 283-9624 x 203

Ramla Sahid, Community Organizer
(City Heights Resident)

Mid-City CAN

Email: rsahid@midcitycan.org
Phone: 619-283-9624 x 207

Mark Tran,
Leadership Development Specialist
Mid-City CAN

Email: mtran@midcitycan.org
Phone: 619-283-9624 x 249

Adam Ward, Media Specialist
Mid-City CAN

Email: award@midcitycan.org
Phone: 619-283-9624 x 210

Nohelia Patel, Evaluation and Learning Assistant
Mid-City CAN

Email: npatel@midcitycan.org
Phone: (619) 283-9624 x 217

Denise Valle,
Database Manager/Administrative Assistant
Mid-City CAN
Email: dvalle@midcitycan.org
Phone: 619-283-9624 x 280