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City Heights Community

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     City Heights is an urban community noted for its diversity. The community is surrounded by five major freeways, but boasts San Diego County’s highest level of bus ridership. City Heights has a dense population of about 95,000 living in approximately 6.5 square miles. Residents speak more than 30 languages and 80 dialects. The average yearly income for a family of four is between $19,393 and $24,400; within the range of the federal poverty level of $22,050. Unemployment in City Heights is 20.5 percent -- roughly twice the County of San Diego average of 11 percent.

     The community has some of the highest regional levels of child obesity, asthma, and violence. Yet despite a complex landscape of need, City Heights has many assets; nonprofit organizations, philanthropies, and most notably, residents who are highly engaged and dedicated to their community. It is through these assets that City Heights has established a track record of achievements. Some of these achievements include the New Roots Community Farm, City Heights Farmer’s Market (a WIC Pilot site and among the first farmers’ markets nationwide to accept food stamps), and several high-quality affordable housing developments.


     Enabling those who live in City Heights, and who are most affected by Building Healthy Communities, to participate as equals alongside organizations, businesses, philanthropists, and leaders in decision-making means building resident capacity through education and leadership development. Underneath the value of honoring the resident voice and resident insights into the needs of the community lies the philosophy that everyone, particularly those whose voice is often silenced, has a right to shape, design, and make decisions about policies, development, and initiatives which impact them and their families without regard to race, gender, religion, country of origin, language, status, or class.