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Long Beach Hub

BHC Long Beach Hub Structure

BHC Long Beach is a collaborative of a diverse group of partners working together to create sustainable and positive health outcomes in the area of central and west Long Beach. Our partners include adult residents, youth residents, faith leaders, community based organizations, local foundations, government officials, school representatives, public health practitioners and many more that are getting involved! Everyone has a role to play in creating change in our community! To understand a little more about how you can get involved, here is a summary of the groups that are currently active in our work in Long Beach.

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Ana Bonilla, Hub Coordinator/BHC Connect Guru
Building Healthy Communities: Long Beach

Email: ana@bhclongbeach.org

Rene Castro, Hub Manager
Building Healthy Communities: Long Beach

Email: rene@bhclongbeach.org
Jennifer Chheang, Program Officer
The California Endowment

Email: jchheang@calendow.org

BHC Long Beach Hub Structure

The California Endowment
- Jenny Chheang, Program Officer

Fiscal Sponsor
- Community Partners - www.communitypartners.org

Hub Host Team
  • Rene Castro, Hub Manager - rene@bhclongbeach.org
  • Juan Benitez, Hub Manager - jbenitez@csulb.edu
  • Ana Bonilla, Hub Coordinator - ana@bhclongbeach.org
  • Julia Castaneda, Admin Assistant - julia@bhclongbeach.org
  • Lian Cheun, Youth Leadership Development Coordinator, lian@kgalb.org
  • Rigoberto Rodriguez, Leadership Specialist, rrodri14@csulb.edu
  • Kendra Jennis, AmeriCorps Facilitator - kjennis@csulb.edu
  • Kevin Malotte, Evaluation and Learning Specialist Lead - kmalotte@csulb.edu
  • Christine Petit, Long Beach Time Exchange - timeexchangelb.wordpress.com

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