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Long Beach Outcomes

Everyday, policy decisions are made that shape our communities and the way they look, feel and impact us. Ultimately, these policies impact our health and we're here to make sure that working together, we can help make the right decisions for our communities.

Long Beach was chosen as one of 14 communities in California where The California Endowment will invest millions of dollars over the next ten years. Together with the community, BHC Long Beach created a plan for a healthier Central and West Long Beach. Now we are going to make the vision a reality!

Outcomes for BHC Long Beach

4) Residents live in communities with health-promoting land use, transportation and community development. Public officials and residents are collaborating to bring needed business, like grocery stores, to underserved neighborhoods, make sure parks are clean and welcoming for all ages, and ensure that people can safely walk, bike or take public transportation.

5) Children and families are safe from violence in their homes and neighborhoods.

6) Communities support healthy youth development. Mobilizing youth as leaders and change agents, and supporting kids to stay in school, find meaningful work, and connect with caring adults helps the next generation to thrive.

8) Community health improvements are linked to economic development. All communities deserve their fair share of economic resources. New projects should balance economic gains with health and environmental concern, and guarantee that local residents reap the benefits of economic development.

How are we doing this?

We are focusing on three campaigns where we want to have long-term impact. This new campaign is called: Health Happens Here

Health Happens Here in Neighborhoods

Health Happens Here with Prevention

Health Happens Here in Schools

Let's make Health Happen Here!

Julio Zaldivar,
May 26, 2012, 2:08 AM