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Boyle Heights Steering Committee and Partners

Boyle Heights BHC Steering Committee
The purpose of the Boyle Heights Building Healthy Communities Steering Committee is to develop a comprehensive plan for improving 10 health outcomes based on the review of information on community health assets and needs, through a nine-month collaborative process; and identify priorities for primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention that will lay the foundation for the 10-year place-based initiative to be funded by The California Endowment. 

Health Happens with Prevention Workgroup:  

Clínica Romero: Damaris Arriola

Alternate:  Rebecca Pleitez

Maternal and Child Health Access (MCHA): Fabiola Sandoval (Co-Chair)

Alternate:  Celia Valdez

Neighborhood Legal Services (NLS): Gerson Soto (Co-Chair)

Alternate: Yvonne Maria-Jimenez

Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles (LAFLA): Yolanda Arias

Alternate: Youchen Wang

The Wall Las Memorias Project: Aldo Macias


System Leader: Jennifer Rivera – Los Angeles Department of Public Health


Health Happens in Neighborhoods Workgroup:

Legacy LA: Lou Calanche (co-chair)


Violence Prevention Coalition: Daniel Healy (co-chair)

Alternate: Kailie Shilling

East LA Community Corporation: Mike Dennis

Alternate: Isela Gracian

Casa 0101: Emmanuel Deleage

Alternate: Edward Padilla

Las Fotos Project: Eric Ibarra



Health Happens in Schools Workgroup:

InnerCity Struggle: Maria Brenes

Alternate: Jeanette Reynaga

The Weingart East LA YMCA: David Valdez

Alternate: Omar Torres

California Center for Public Health Advocacy: Belinda Campos (co-chair)

Alternate: Adan Duarte

Latino Equality Alliance: Iliana Garcias (co-chair)

Alternate: Juan Castillo


Youth Engagement Committee (YEC)

Marlene Arazo (Legacy LA)

Isabela Gutierrez (CCPHA)

Kathy Mateos (Las Fotos)



Community Engagement Committee (CEC)

Mirna Murillo

Isabel Marquez

Liliana Martinez

Alma Ortega

Juana Mena