LA River Public Comment

posted Oct 30, 2013, 11:57 AM by BHC Boyle Heights

LA River Ecosystem Restoration Study—A Historic Opportunity

The US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is studying a plan to restore habitat along 11 miles of the LA River from Griffith Park to Downtown. The Army Corps needs to hear from you, to ensure that we don't squander this unprecedented opportunity to green the City.


Four alternatives are being considered in the study, and the City is united in calling for the Federal government to pursue the most expansive and visionary plan, known as “Alternative 20.” Councilmember Huizar has called Alternative 20 “the best opportunity to fully realize our goals of completely transforming the Los Angeles River.”


Unfortunately, USACE has “tentatively selected” an option that creates less habitat and connects fewer areas to the River.


A Greener Future

The LA River has been neglected and degraded as a result of urban development in the floodplain, pollution, and channelization. A revitalized river would offer lively green space with bike paths, pedestrian trails, parks, and natural habitat areas. It can serve as a bridge to connect urban life with nature.


The restoration plan would increase habitat connectivity between aquatic habitats and the historic floodplain. In CD14, an improved study would maintain more options for the future, such as restoring a historic wash in the Piggyback Yard, a railroad yard currently in use on the east side of the River in Boyle Heights.


Get Involved

Councilman Huizar sent his letter of support for Alternative 20 in June. Now it's time for everyone who cares about the river to get involved and be heard!


Let the USACE know that you support restoration efforts on the LA River. Mention that you want the Army Corps to pursue the most expansive alternative, one that creates the most habitats and connects the most areas to the River. If you wish, you can mention support for “Alternative 20.”

1.      It’s easy to submit your comments online.

2.      Join your neighbors in support of a greener River at the USACE Public Hearing on Thursday, October 17, 2013 at 5:30 p.m. at the LA River Center, 570 W. Ave. 26, L.A., 90065.

3.      Or email comments to USACE at


Find more info at the City's website: