Great New Opportunities!!

posted Jul 30, 2013, 3:14 PM by BHC Boyle Heights
Weingart East Los Angeles YMCA would like to inform you that the MEND foundation will be providing a free of cost training for those interested in gaining the tools necessary to become a leader for the MEND program. First off, I would like to give you more information about the program I run and my passion which is helping children and their family be fitter, healthier and happier through MEND.What is MEND?

Mind, Exercise, Nutrition, Do it! is a free healthy living program for children between the ages of 7-13. It aims to help children who are above a healthy weight get fitter, healthier and happier.
The Program helps families change their eating and exercise habits to improve their child’s physical activity levels, nutrition and self esteem. MEND is a research based program for overweight children and their parents/caregivers with proven results in achieving a healthier weight according to the child’s age and height.

Families from the Southeast Rio Vista YMCA and the Weingart East Los Angeles YMCA have fun taking part in 2 - hour sessions, twice a week for 10 weeks.  The first half parents and children participate in a 1 hour lesson with topics such as Fats, Sugars and how to set SMART goals. The second half the children have 1 hour exercise activities and the parents stay to discuss other topics, such as how to talk to your child about weight.

We offer this training once every 2 years for Staff and Volunteers who are interested in expanding their knowledge in the nutrition and health field and/or interested in joining the MEND team. If you would like to make a difference in the community by helping children and their families reduce the risk of being overweight or obese then this training is right for you.

MEND Exercise Leader training
Monday 8/19/13 at Southeast Rio Vista YMCA

MEND Theory Leader training
Tuesday 8/20/13 and Wednesday 8/21/13 at Southeast Rio Vista YMCA

If you are interested in participating please contact Lidia Estrada
(P) 323.260.7005