A letter from President & CEO Robert K. Ross, MD

posted Aug 8, 2013, 3:42 PM by BHC Boyle Heights
Dear Sons & Brothers,
The George Zimmerman verdict has conjured up an array of emotions for many of us. The Verdict also hit home for The California Endowment’s President and CEO, Robert K. Ross who has written a heart- felt letter to each of you. We hope you will take a moment to read it, and find the time to respond to it.
Through this letter, Dr. Ross invites you – all our sons and brothers – to think about your response to the verdict and to go a step further and share your personal stories along with what you want to see change in the world. You are the experts. You know what it’s like to live as a young man of color in your community and in this country. You know what’s wrong, and we know you have ideas for how to make it right. Now is the time for those ideas to be heard.
To encourage you – along with all our sons and brothers – to share your story, we have a created a place on social media to hear from you and lift up your voice – HoodiesUpforTrayvon.tumblr.com<http://hoodiesupfortrayvon.tumblr.com/>.
There are many ways to share your story and solutions via Tumblr. For example, you can post your picture with a quote, videotape your response from your Smart Phone or computer, tweet your message, or have you and a friend videotape each other. You can also follow the conversation using the hashtag #hoodiesup on Tumblr, Twitter (@calendow), Facebook (facebook.com/calendow<http://facebook.com/calendow>) or Instagram (calendow).
Dr. Ross poses many important questions in his letter; feel free to answer which ever questions resonate most with you and compel you to respond. If it’s easier, you can respond to these questions:

1. After reading Dr. Ross’ letter, what is your story?
2. Dr. Ross poses many thought provoking questions, which ones resonate with you personally and compel you to respond?
3. What do you want to see changed?
4. Who needs to make this change happen?

We hope you will join the conversation today at: HoodiesUpforTrayvon.tumblr.com<http://HoodiesUpforTrayvon.tumblr.com>.
Please share this message broadly with youth and your partners as appropriate.
Kindest regards,
Albert Maldonado
Program Manager, Healthy Youth Development
The California Endowment
BHC Boyle Heights,
Aug 8, 2013, 3:42 PM