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Boyle Heights: How do you define family? My two-day convening at TCE

posted May 18, 2012, 2:53 AM by Julio Zaldivar   [ updated May 26, 2012, 2:58 PM by Julio Zaldivar ]
How do you define family? Usually, it's defined as a mother and a father with several children and a dog. If I were to base "family" according to this definition, having a family wouldn't apply to me and I'm certain I wasn't the only one who was raised in a single parent household. For me, my definition of family is being surrounded by a group of individuals who are held together by bonds of love and mutual passions. It's knowing that you have someone you can turn to when you need help. Someone who cares for you and genuinely wants to know how you are doing and willing to help you succeed! And with that in mind, I can honestly say that the amazing communications team at The California Endowment and the 14 coordinators of BHC is family to me!

I spent two days in LA for a Coordinators convening at The California Endowment. During this convening we achieved many logistical goals. However, coming home, and knowing that TCE genuinely cares and believes in the work I (we) do is the most rewarding feeling ever! Julio, Maricela, Charles, LaTanya, Beatriz and Dr. Ross himself personalized our experience and showed how much they truly want us to succeed! I feel like my batteries got recharged and I'm ready to give more of myself to BHC Fresno and this 10-year initiative!

Thank you guys!!!