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Community Food Council Retreat

posted Feb 6, 2013, 3:10 PM by Food Council DNATL   [ updated Feb 8, 2013, 12:26 PM by Julio Zaldivar ]

The Community Food Council for Del Norte and Adjacent Tribal Lands had a retreat last Saturday, February 2nd at the Requa house in Klamath. After a productive day of activities and brainstorming the Council settled on three new projects to start working on.

One project is a Tribal Fishery, with a long term goal of developing an ocean fishery. To begin this process, the group working on this project will begin gathering information by making phone calls to the processing plant and fishery department, as well as looking at demographic information. They will then begin acquiring information on the fish numbers and river issues. This project will involve working with the local tribe and advocating for fishery sustainability of oceans and rivers.

Local Market Conversion and Branding is another project the Council decided on, with a goal of creating a DNATL Locally Grown/Raised Food Brand.  To do this, the group will research The California Endowment’s Freshworks Fund, identify local market and store owners, and identify interested local producers/distributors. After these tasks are completed, they will research “Buy Fresh, Buy Local,” define local guidelines, design the brand, seek approval, and do PR. With a local brand, the Council hopes to create a sense of pride in Del Norte County and encourage more stores to carry local foods.

The last project the Council began work on is a Community Education Series, with a goal of creating a series of classes to educate the community on food and gardening. The group has already begun developing a schedule of classes and topics, as well as a time frame for the classes. They are beginning to identify interested teachers, determine a location, and advertise. These education classes will aim to develop people’s skills in gardening and encourage people to live healthier lives.

If anyone is interested in helping out with any of these projects, please email foodcouncildnatl@gmail.com. Our next Food Council meeting is Tuesday, February 19th at the RHS conference room at 5:00pm. Everyone is welcome!